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     Bill Roberts, Owner and Operator of Custom Design Metal Arts, with over 25 years, full time, experience in decorative metalwork offers: One on One Classes and Workshops in the Metal Arts & Jewelry for the beginner, intermediate, and professional artist. The Studio offers one day, three day and weekly classes, intensive workshops and demonstrations as well as private tutoring.

     If you have a group that would like to schedule a class/workshop I'd be more than happy to discuss your needs. Open year round. Bill is available to teach workshops and classes at others Schools in the United States and abroad.



No Experience necessary. Just the desire to learn.

The Beginning Blacksmithing class will teach the basics of blacksmithing. Including... drawing out, upsetting, twisting, bending, fullering, punching, and cutting. It will also cover forging dynamics, safety and three H's.

At the end of this class you will have an understanding and ability to use these basics. And will have accomplished this by completing three projects. You will make a key fob with leaf, a letter opener and a J hook.

Completing these three projects are the goal.... it's possible to complete more projects depending on the individual.


The Intermediate Blacksmithing class requires knowledge of the basics, and some forging experience. This class takes the basic knowledge and experience to the next level. The goal is to make either a fireplace set, a candelabra or a similar project. Using all the basic forging techniques in the beginning class.


The Advanced Blacksmithing class requires the completion of an intermediate class and at least a year forging experience. And an approved design for the class project that can be completed in a week. This class is structured towards the individuals needs and goals.

From design inspiration to finished artwork >>




CLASSES In forged jewelry

CLASSES In cast jewelry

lost wax casting

wax design and carving

mold making, among others.

NEW.... Wedding Band Workshop.

That's right.........this workshop is set up so that you can make your own wedding bands. This is a very unique experience to share with the ONE you love. No previous metal arts experience is necessary. Guaranteed to be an experience that you'll never forget.

Plus the pleasure on knowing that you've made "one of the most important" pieces of jewelry you'll ever own. 


Make your own wedding bands from scratch in silver, white gold or yellow gold in a single four/five hour workshop. You'll be using all the same tools and equipment that a professional jeweler uses everyday to make fine jewelry. You will measure, cut, shape, solder and polish your rings to perfection!Spend a day in a jewelry studio learning to make your own wedding rings. These wedding band workshops allow you to make professional quality custom wedding rings with your own hands while you enjoy the fun experience of being a jeweler for a day.


   Everything from jewelry fabrication, lost wax casting, wax design, forged jewelry in the jewelry field. As well as forged, fabricated, and/or cast architectural metal work.

  Just about anything in the metal arts field. Sculpture, lighting, furniture, gates, railings, etc.

  And Bill also teachs hot glass work...lamp work.  Beads and small vessels.

  "The only thing that I enjoy as much as using these teaching them to others."  Bill Roberts.

 A $100, non refundable, deposit is required when reserving a class. Funds can be sent via Paypal, or contact us for more details.

Bill Roberts, Ornamental Metalsmith
Custom Design Metal Arts
3740 NE 40th PL # D
Ocala, Florida 34479
Phone / Whatsapp 352-355-6156


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