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Plaster "Investment".....

Just like the smaller elements, this large element is encased in the plaster, call investment. Using an aluminum frame that is the exact dimension of the opening that the element is made for, this is the first part of a two part investment pour.  Once the plaster has set up the aluminum "sides" are removed revealing the "points of contact" that the wax had with the aluminum sides. These "points" are where I attach the sprue system. To do this I use a hot glue gun. You can see, by the position of the cup, that it was decided to cast this larger element in the flat plane.


And here is the "flask" after the second stage of the investment. All that remains visable of the first stage is the top of the pour cup. It became apparent that as the flask became larger a "handle" needed to be attached to each flask to aid in the manipulating of the hot flasks.

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