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Going with the flow....

 I'll be fabricating in wax, basically the same way I would do it in metal.

First I do the scroll work and then I add the detailed elements. And then the clean up of the wax, just like I'd have to clean up all the welds if I was working in metal.

Here you can see how one side of the top of the door is being assembled in wax. It is being made in a frame that is the same size as the opening that the element will eventually fit. And the frame also will become the form that I'll pour the investment/plaster into.

This shot shows the first side already done and the mirror image side starting to be assembled. I did the wax work with the same approach that I'd take if I was doing this project with a forging approach.

I build one side of the symmetrical design and them build the other side right over the first one. This enables you to see the placement of the components. Although I try to get the placement correct, I make a deliberate effort to tweak each one a little to add to the hand crafted look.

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