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This is the wax in it's frame, ready to pour the plaster. Before I hot glue the frame to the bottom plate I spray the wax with a product called "Waxofilm", it's just a non foaming surface tension reducer. It keeps the bubbles in the plaster from sticking to the wax. These bubbles could become metal "nodes" on the finished casting, so this Waxofilm saves a lot of work later.

As you can see the plaster has been poured, set up and frame removed. The the next step is to add the sprue system, this enables the wax to be removed and the molten metal to be poured in.

You can also see the cup that I'll be pouring the molten aluminum in after the burnout. Another flask has been made that will incase this for the next pour of plaster. Although I've never done a two step investment mold this worked beautifully. It sped up the break out after the casting and enabled the delicate first plaster pour to be more controlable.

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